Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

For the thrill and experience of real life. Flip Diving Mod Apk is a perfect match. It is made for any age group who wants to enjoy the experience of diving. The diving game that offers their players to make beautiful and incredible diving flip into the water. It gives you the fun of front, backflip with the coup. The game provides you many locations from which you can dive into the water.

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

You will have to dive safely and smoothly with your tricks into the water. In the case when you hit the rocks, then it will consider a failed attempt.

Flip Diving Mod APK Download

Name of the applicationFlip Diving Mod APK
Developer NameMiniclip
Android Version4.1 +
APK Version3.1.01
Size of the app75.7 MB

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There are also many characters in the game with their specific skills, weight, and physics. After winning each level, the game becomes more interesting and difficult. Also, there is a rise in the height of diving spots after each level. But wait, let me tell you something there is a huge prize for a successful dive into the water in the form of coins.


The developer designed this game in the easiest interface so, that we can learn the gameplay in no time. This game is suitable for any age group where you can experience real-life tricks for diving from different locations and height.

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

The aim of this game is for you to dive smoothly into the water while applying a variety of tricks on the air by not hitting on the rocks. After having a successful dive, you will be rewarded with a specific number of coins according to your level. If you hit by rocks while diving, then it will consider a failed attempt. A successful dive helps you to increase your level, and by the increase of level, the height of the diving spot also increased, which makes the game more interesting.

Features of The Game

  • Diving Tricks

There are unlimited numbers of diving tricks that vary from level to level. Each level contains a new diving skill with a new way of diving. When you apply various flips on the air while diving with a successful dive, then it un-lock a new diving trick for you, also with several coins as your reward. The different diving tricks unlock for you when you do flips like front and backflips with the coup.

  • Multiple Locations

The only one diving location in the game will bore the game thrill and experience. Therefore the developer makes various diving spots in the game that increase the craze of the game.

This game is a 3-dimensional diving game so that you can dive into the water from various diving spots like a cliff, boat, trampoline, and more.

  • Many Characters to Choose From

There are many characters in this game. A single character in the game will bore the game. Therefore you can choose your favorite character from the list in the game. Every aspect has its weight, skillset, and physics. Each role competes with others. These characters unlock when you reach a specific level in the game. There is a specificity of each of the characters to make a skillful and successful dive without a hit by rocks.

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

What’s New in Mod Apk

In the case, you might be asking yourself that what is mod apk, it is a modified version of the flip master and flip diving official application. If you are facing difficulties in collecting coins or suites of the different characters in the flip diving apk, then you download and install the mod apk version of this game. This version will come over all your difficulties.

Yeah, you read it right. You will play a game with unlimited coins. From these coins, you can unlock your favorite characters, and you can dive into the water, having a business-man suite or a penguin suit full of skills. All of this is available on the mod apk version of the flip diving official application.

  • Unlimited Coins

A modified version of this game gave you an unlimited number of coins. From these unlimited coins, you can get anything you want from this game.

  • Unlock Your Favorite Characters

From an unlimited number of coins, you can unlock your favorite character with their skillset, weight, and physics. They have specific characteristics that increase your interest in the game. Now: you can dive into the water, having penguins and more other suites.

  • 50 Jumping Platform

This version gave you 50 jumping platform free of any. You will enjoy diving in various diving spots. Every sport has its specific height and direction from where you can dive.

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

  • Show off to your Friends

There is a recording option in the game. From that, you can record your favorites dives and show off your skills with your friends. You can even make your gallery or showcase that contains a massive collection of your stunts.

  • Awesome Rewards each day to Collect

It gave you awesome rewards daily—just log-in during your lunch or two times a day to collect your reward.

  • Free to Play

You can enjoy the game for free on your android. And it is also available free for IOS devices in the name of diving flip mod apk ios. You can enjoy playing for free, with unlimited coins and a huge number of characters.

Flip Diving Mod Apk Version (3.1.01) For Android (Unlimited Money)

Visual and Sound Quality

  • Graphics

With an impressive physics engine and realistic graphics, you can enjoy the game, and you will not get bored with the game. Flip over and splash in the air during your diving and perform beautiful stunts with the realistic HD graphics of the game.

  • Sound/Music

The sound of the game is enjoyable as you did not get bored while playing it.

Can We Hack Flip Diving APK?

It is very difficult to hack flip diving APK not only this game, every game is difficult to hack as well, but the people use many possible ways to hack the game, they use LUCKY PATCHER APP to hack the game, but this is much time-consuming way to hack a game. Therefore mod APK version of this game is available, which gave you an unlimited number of coins, money, different diving spots, with realistic HD graphics and sound quality.

How to Download and Install Flip Diving Mod APK?

The installation is not much difficult as compared to other apps. If you already installed the official application of flip diving than you un-install the official app of this game, but your level and your earning of the previous game will not be saved on mod APK file. Best of all, you will gain your level and your earning of coins in the short term of time. The process of downloading is enlisted below.

  1. Click on the given button to download the APK file.
  2. Left-click on OK and the download mechanism will start quickly.
  3. The installation page of MOD APK will open after the downloading ends.
  4. Now: click on the install option and installation process complete itself my android device.
  5. Best of all game is installed now. And you can enjoy the thrill and can experience the game.

Final Words

Flip Diving Mod APK is a remarkable and challenging game for those who use to take challenges for diving with new tricks. In the game, use different tricks and gain coins that you use to upgrade level and other many important things like different characters. Enjoy the rapture of diving from 50+ jumping locations by using various characters with their weight, skillset, and physics. If you want to become a good diver, then this game is suitable for you, perform tricks here and name yourself a professional diver.

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